Explore the city through its trees

Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage City with six universal values, including the green setting of the city. There are many significant trees – in the parks and in the streets – which contribute indirectly to the World Heritage status and the wellbeing of the community.

Here is part one of our Urban Treescape in digital form, where we share a selection of trees across the city. We invite you to follow our trails and enjoy the shapes and colours of each tree - their flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and bark – and learn something about each one, while seeing the city from a different perspective.

Thank you to all those who have helped bring this project to reality:
Lucy Bartlett, Fiona Bell, Milly Carmichael, Jon Chamberlain, Andrew Grant, Penny Hay, Antonia Johnson, Joseph Lavington, Helen Schofield, Hugh Williamson, Paul Wood, with support from the World Heritage City of Bath Advisory group, Bathscape, the International Dendrology Society, London Urban Trees, Visit West, Grant Associates Landscape Architects, Forest of Imagination and B&NES Public Health.

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